Beauty draws us with a single hair- Alexander Pope

We all have days where time is of the essence and our hair is the last thing on our minds. If you are pressed for time, these looks are fast and easy to transition from day one to day two. 

The last two photos are of an absolutely adorable girl who sat so patiently through her mothers color appointment. I couldn’t resist styling her hair into a fun french braid that turns into a fishtail since she had such amazing hair! 

Look 1- Brush your hair and apply Dry Shampoo at the root, lightly brush into the hair. Section hair at your part and starting from one temple french braid across the back. Once you hit behind the other ear braid the hair normal and pin up into a loose bun. 

Look 2- Add light volume to crown by back brushing, smooth over top. Pin the middle section into place and then take small to medium sections from each side, twisting them slightly, and pin them in a overlapping pattern. 

Look 3- Start with look 2, then dived the hair that is still down into two sections, cross them and pin to the opposite side. Back comb the hair that is hanging down slightly and pin securely into place. 

Look 4- Add volume to crown and lightly pull back hair into a low or mid ponytail (Hannah’s extensions were just put in, so a low pony worked best). Take a medium sized section from underneath and braid it, I did a fishtail but a normal braid works just as well. Wrap around the ponytail holder and pin into place. Back comb the pony for added volume!

Look 5- Start on one side and french braid from ear to ear. Hold tightly once you reach the opposite side and make the 3 strands into 2, take a small bit and cross it over the opposite side, repeat. 

I hope you find these looks fun and simple. If you need help troubleshooting leave me a note and I will be sure to help you out. 

Stay fabulous. 

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